Copyright Matters, Concerns & Removal respects the intellectual property rights of others and also requests you to do the same. does not allow copyright infringing activities on its platform and also denies any copyrighted material from being converted and downloaded by its platform when notified, whether it is served via a publicly available address / URL.

If you’re a content creator/owner, a copyright owner, or an agent thereof and would like to disable the possible use of ClipSnapp’s platform to convert your publicly available content(s), please kindly send us a request via e-mail with the information stated below and we will blacklist the content(s) in our system within 24 hours.

Contact –

Also, submit the following along with your query –

  • The URL(s) of the content(s) you want us to block.
  • Any form of electronic or physical evidence showing that you have the rights to the content(s).
  • Your Contact information so that we are able to contact you, such as an address, telephone number, and a valid e-mail address.